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Peptide Eye Cream

KRE Skincare


12 ml

Our eyes are simply and without equivocation our most sensitive skin and as such show first the signs of aging. It's just not fair, not fair at all, but we can level the playing field a little bit. This is where very modern science meets ancient traditional skincare in a responsible thoughtful way.

But first lets define the issue a little more precisely.

We affectionately call them laugh lines. But the reality of those pesky little wrinkles that first start around the edges of our eyes are largely caused by squinting and involuntary muscle tension. The muscles around our eyes tighten when we're awake and when we sleep. Largely without us being aware of this wrinkle forming mechanism.

The trick is to stop this involuntary muscle tensing.

Octal Neurol-peptides have been shown to block transmission of signals from nerves to your facial muscles and to help these muscles relax. The trick is to suspend the peptides in a medium to efficiently transport the peptides deeply into your skin. We accomplish this with a gelled organic Cucumber Water and a carefully selected ratio of seed oils with a high percentage ratio of Linoleic and Gamma Linoleic Fatty Acid profile. 

To help the skin replenish collagen I add a small dash of our Matrix Peptide. You can read more about this in the product description of our Matrix Peptide Serum. 

And to moisturize and soothe the surface of your skin we build it all in a base of organic Cucumber Water. Just like a couple of slices of fresh cucumber on your eyes. Cool. Heavenly!

Ingredients: Cucumber Water, Sun Flower Oil, Avocado Oil, Matrix Peptide, Syncol GKH Peptide, Sea Algae Polymer, Chia Polymer, and Red Radish Root.

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